Inhale, Exhale, Namaste



Designed for you

When you join my classes you will discover your strengths in the physical, mental and spiritual plan. I will guide you in the right direction so that you reach your achievements and make you practice a conscious routine. Take a minute to review the types of yoga I offer and book your class today!

Create space and surrender 

Power vinyasa yoga is the best option to connect with your breathing and the movement of your physical, mental and spiritual body. Consciously and with the correct alignment in the asanas (poses), you will live an incredible experience inside and outside the mat. Prepare to gain flexibility and strengthen yourself in all aspects of your life. Book your group or private class today in the comfort of your home, let's use technology to our advantage!



Have fun and smile

A class that will get you more than a smile !!

Here yoga and music are the protagonists.

This is a group class for children of different ages or for the family. The two options will be just as fun and unique. In this space we explore movement, body awareness, focus, concentration, relaxation, breathing exercises, and dancing; vital for managing emotions. Classes inspired by @ yomu.love technique created by Cynthia Zak.

are you ready?

Child's Pose


Open your heart

In this class we will highlight and honor the importance of a woman's conscience during the most important period of her life, pregnancy. I will give you tools on a physical, mental and spiritual level, so you can connect with your baby and allow yourself to live this unique experience with harmony and balance. "Khalsa Way" is the technique that I use in my classes. Style created by the renowned teacher @ gurmukh108 based on Kundalini Yoga and the teachings of Yogi Bhajan.



Relax and renew yourself

I invite you to listen to your body and relax at any time of the day.
In this class I will guide you, so that through asanas (yoga poses) and breathing exercises, you release tension and restore yourself on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. I guarantee that at the end of this class you will feel like new to return to your work full of energy.
Reserve your class today and let yourself be pampered!

"I breathe in the love of God, I breathe out the joy of living"



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